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Silverpoint Drawing Complete
Catalog of Silverpoint Drawing Materials & Supplies

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NEW ! 24K Gold Points !
( By Customer's Request.)

Inspired by the work of Dennis Martin and others working in goldpoint, site visitors have requested this specific alloy and size. So SilverpointWeb® now offers 24 Karat 3-X Hardened gold point with a rounded and highly polished end, either in a 0.9-mm mechanical holder or by itself. On grounds high in non-metallic compound abrasives such as marble or silica dust, the warmer tone is pronounced. And at 3 inches long, it'll last a long time. Holder color may vary. Shipping Weight= 1 oz.

With holder : 75.00

Without Holder : 73.00

The Silverpoint Drawing Complete™ Kit

Everything you need & save 10%! Includes both the Modern and "New Tradition™" Silverpoint stylii, and Golden Artist Colors new acrylic-based Silverpoint / Drawing Ground! Step-by-step instructions included.
Shipping weight =1 lb 5 oz.
Items marked with are included in the kit.

Modern Silverpoint Stylus
1.5-inch long hand crafted dead-soft pure silver (.999 Fine) point shaped to a cone on one end and a bevel edge on the other, highly polished. In a 2-mm holder, holder color will vary. Shipping weight=3 oz

Modern Replacement Points

These points are hand-crafted from pure silver (.999 Fine), shaped to a cone and a bevel edge, annealed "Dead Soft" and highly polished on both ends — nearly a work of art themselves! Length = 1.25 inches —Will last through hundreds of drawings! Shipping weight=3 oz

"New Tradition" Mechanical Stylus

By Customer's Request. 0.035-inch 3X-hardened Sterling Silver, rounded and highly polished on one end. At 3 inches long, it will last a very long time! In a 0.9-mm holder (color may vary.) Although this is a modern holder, the marks are the same as with a tradional stylus.
Shipping weight=3 oz



Replacement Point: $12.00

DISCOUNT on the Two-Point Package!
Get the Modern Stylus (with the double-ended Fine Silver point,) and the "New Tradition" Stylus, and Save Over 10%!
Shipping weight=4 oz
Only $26.00

Golden Artist Colors Silverpoint / Drawing Ground

This new acrylic-based formulation from Golden Artist Colors is an excellent and easy-to-use product with tremendous response to silver and other metal points - just apply to stretched paper or panel, let dry, and draw.
Shipping weight= 1 lb

Educator's 10-point package
10 New Tradition™ Styluses, for Educators, Workshop Leaders and groups, at a 10% discount. Shipping weight = 12 oz.

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All materials are unconditionally guaranteed !   If dissatisfied with materials, supplies or instruments for any reason, you may return all or any portion (postage prepaid) for refund - contact SilverpointWeb.com for return and refund instructions.

Alternatives Section:

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Last update: October 2016